A 2009 NAR survey showed that online listings with Virtual Tours received a tremendous amount of views over listings that didn’t feature a Virtual Tour. The reason behind this is that potential home buyers feel more comfortable narrowing down their home search after viewing property virtual tours. Instead of visiting twenty houses across the city, a potential buyer can virtually visit 100 houses via the virtual tours, and narrow it down to 2-4 houses they actually want to visit.

The process of showing irrelevant homes or ones that would be ruled out after viewing a properties Virtual Tour wastes much of the buyers Agents’ time. The advantage of a Virtual Tour is that it can be given 24/7 to an unlimited amount of people at the same time and provides a good representation of the home for sale.

Virtual Tours can also give potential home buyers necessary information about the house including nearby schools, location, and mortgage information and more. According to a NAR survey, 90% of home buyers start their search online. Not to mention that Virtual Tours are also more likely to be shared via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Realtors have an easier time sharing homes with potential buyers by simply emailing them virtual tours. As mentioned earlier, the virtual tours can narrow down the home search without wasting the Realtor’s time.

If the real estate competition is still driving around with their potential buyers all day long to show them a handful of houses, why don’t you utilize virtual tours instead? Your potential buyers will also appreciate the time and money they save by not driving around, and they will also be less likely to approach competitors who don’t have virtual tours.

Marketing real estate does not have to be complicated or as time consuming. Adding Virtual Tours to your listings saves time for Agents, helps home buyers narrow their search, and allows your listings to be accessible 24/7 to potential buyers. Get started today with RealtyWebTours.com.

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