We respect your privacy. This is why we have taken the time to disclose our information collection practices and our privacy policy.

Collecting information provides specific benefits to our website visitors:
Collecting your information allows us to manage your account, help and train you, register domain names to you and mail any orders to the address you provide.

We collect information for the following purpose(s):
Completing or supporting an activity.
Website and system administration.
Contacting our customers (via telephone or email) for promotion of the site or products.

Who has access to the information we collect?
RWT and/or our parent company WG affiliates which utilize the information only for the purpose given.
Information is only shared with our partners (RWT or WG affiliates) for the purposes of delivering services to you.

How long is information kept?
Information is not retained for as long as your account is maintained. If you wish to have your account details deleted after you stop using our service, please contact us.


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